March 8, 2018

I’ve wanted to write a series of stories that illuminate the relationship of authoritarian organization to the progress of humankind, to our sense of well-being (or lack thereof), to success &/or failure in achieving our goals as individuals and as a society; to our sense of what is good or evil; to . . . everything.


The workplace and the dramas that unfold there; the distinction of workplace life from home and/or social life – case in point: how the liberties and rights granted by the Constitution do not apply to the workplace in the U.S., and why.


I think of Monica at the Cafe Romano; not what she did either at work or for the strike – but her search for herself in the midst of battle between boss & worker, and how it did (or did not) have a great effect on her.  I think of Lori (Stony Lois) at the Carnation Ice Cream Restaurant, and how it could have affected her.


There is the struggle against authority, and there is the struggle to overcome acceptance of – even desire for – authority.  A part of us prefers to NOT be autonomous.  But what is the common coin for these contrary territories?  Why do we resist authority?  Is it because we may want to do something else?  Or because we don’t want to be forced to do anything?  In other words, is it another face for the forces of entropy?

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